Year 2000 Programs on Philosophy
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   Sacred Sites Mystery School, Autumn Equinox 2000 Journey to Machu Picchu, Peru 

March 9, 2000.  The Poetics of Meaning with Maurice Friedman, PhD, author of The Affirming Flame; A Heart of Wisdom: Religion and Human Wholeness; The Legend of the Baal-Shem; Martin Buber: Prophet of Religious Secularism; Dialogue and the Human Image: Beyond Humanistic Psychology; Encounter on the Narrow Ridge: A Life of Martin Buber; The Healing Dialogue in Psychotherapy; Intercultural Dialogue and the Human Image; Martin Buber and the Eternal; Martin Buber and the Human Sciences; Martin Buber's Life and Work; Modern Promethean: A Dialogue with Today's Youth; The Confirmation of Otherness in Family, Community and Society; Contemporary Psychology: Revealing and Obscuring the Human; The Covenant of Peace; The Hidden Human Image; The Human Way: A Dialogical Approach to Religion and Human Experience; Martin Buber: The Life of Dialogue; Religion and Psychology: A Dialogical Approach; Searching in the Syntax of Things: Experiments in the Study of Religion; Touchstones of Reality: Existential Trust and the Community of Peace and To Deny Our Nothingness: Contemporary Images of Man.  Dr. Friedman is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University and Co-Director of the Institute for Dialogical Psychotherapy.

February 15, 2000.  Exploring Life After Death with Michael Grosso, PhD, author of The Millennium Myth: Love and Death at the End of Time; Frontiers of the Soul: Exploring Psychic Evolution; Soulmaker: True Stories from the Far Side of the Psyche; Soulmaking: Uncommon Paths to Self-Understanding; Transformations: A Story of Human Evolution and The Final Choice: Playing the Survival Game.  Dr. Grosso is chairman of philosophy and religion at Jersey City State College.  See

January 21, 2000.  What Does It Mean to Be Human? with Dean Brown, PhD, physicist, cosmologist, philosopher and Sanskrit scholar, whose translation of the Upanishads was published by the Philosophical Research Society.  He is a founder of Zylog corporation, and has been a pioneer in the field of computing applications in education.

January 19, 2000.  Unifying Psychology, Physics and Theology with Zach Shatz, author of Prisms and Mind, Simple Season of the Will and Time is a Broken Carafe.  For information,  write to Prismind Publications, P. O. Box 11635, Berkeley, CA 94712.

January 14, 2000.  The Theory of Everything III with Kevin Ryerson, author of Spirit Communication.  Kevin is trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce, and has been featured in the books and television series, Out on A Limb, with Shirley MacLaine.  See  He serves on the Board of Directors of the Intuition Network.

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