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   Sacred Sites Mystery School, Autumn Equinox 2000 Journey to Machu Picchu, Peru  

Dear Listeners,

Between now and the end of the year, I will be producing intermittant, new programs for Virtual U, and I will announce those programs here.  Otherwise, Wisdom Radio will either be rebroadcasting some of my classic, older interviews, or will be airing new programs with other hosts.

Meanwhile, I am engaged in new television production of the Thinking Allowed series which will be carried on Wisdom Television.

Warm regards,

May 15, 2000.  How to Access the Earth's Energy for Healing Purposes with Warren Grossman, PhD, founder of the Institute of Light and author of To Be Healed By The Earth.

May 16, 2000.  The New Science of the Heart and the Art of Wishing with Paul Pearsall, PhD, author of The Heart's Code, Wishing Well and The Pleasure Prescription.

May 17, 2000.  Exploring the Paranormal with David Perkins, founder of Western Spirit magazine.

May 18, 2000.  The Future of the Future with Oliver Markley, PhD, emeritus professor of human science and future studies from the University of Houston, coauthor of Changing Images of Man.  See www.partnershipworks.com.


Visions of the Afterlife in Judaism with Simcha Rafael, PhD.  See http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/99/May/02/lifestyle/SIMCHA02.htm and http://www.intermarket.net/~stessa/jva/

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