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   Sacred Sites Mystery School, Autumn Equinox 2000 Journey to Machu Picchu, Peru

April 14, 2000.  Creating Strong Customer Bonds with Janelle M. Barlow, PhD, co-author of Emotional Value and A Complaint is a Gift.  See

March 20, 2000.  How to Unlock Your Naturally Intuitive Self with Lynn B. Robinson, PhD, professor emerita from the School of Business, University of South Alabama, and author of Coming Out of Your Psychic Closet.  See

January 24, 2000.  Community Building with Kazimierz Gozdz, PhD, editor of the anthology Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business.

December 17, 1999.  The Inner Discipline of Investing with with Dean Brown, PhD (physicist, cosmologist, philosopher, computer scientist, entrepreneur, sanskrit scholar and translator of The Upanishads).

December 16, 1999.  Understanding Intuition with Bill Taggart, PhD, former professor at Florida International University where he taught intuition at the School of Business.  See
December 13, 1999.  Media and Consciousness in the New Millennium with Jeffrey Mishlove.

December 7, 1999.  Earth Day with Cindy Spring, coauthor of Wisdom Circles.  See and also  Also see

December 1, 1999.  Intuition in the World with Victoria Weston, filmmaker and intuitive practitioner, author of Selecting Your Psychic: From Main Street to Wall Street, The Psychic Truth (video), The Intuitive Factor: Genius or Chance (video), Intuition: One on One (audiotape), and America's Victoria: Remembering Victoria Woodhall (video).  See

November 3, 1999.  Reinventing Sales through Collaboration, Respect and Learning with Sharon Drew Morgen, author of Selling With Integrity.  See

October 15, 1999.  Leading the Way to Better Intuitive Intelligence with Arupa Tesolin.  See

September 29, 1999.  Practical Intuition with Nancy Rosanoff, author of Making Money Through Intuition and Intuition Workout.  See

September 21, 1999.  Aikido and the World of Business with Chris Thorsen, founder of Quantum Edge -- a business consulting firm.  See  E-mail: or phone 415-884-9446.

September 13, 1999.  Choice, Not Chance Determines Our Destiny with Mike Staley.  See

September 1, 1999.  Igniting the Soul at Work with Robert Rabbin, author of Invisible Leadership, Mentored in Silence and The Sacred Hub.  See

August 31, 1999.  Remote Viewing Applications with Angela Thompson, author of Remote Perceptions.  See  See also

August 24, 1999.  Consciousness and the Technology Revolution with Howard Rheingold, author of Higher Creativity, Virtual Reality, The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier, Tools for Thought: The History and Future of Mind-Expanding Technology, Talking Tech: A Conversational Guide to Science and Technology, The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, and Secrets of the Super Net Searchers.  See

August 13, 1999.  Intuition in the World of Business and Culture with Gigi Van Deckter, president, The Van Deckter Company, Inc., e-mail:, telephone 212-929-8142, fax  212-929-2365.

July 29, 1999.  Down-to-Earth Spiritual Practice with James Thornton, author of A Field Guide to the Soul.  See

July 28, 1999.  Creating Success in Sport and Life with Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Everyday Enlightenment and Body Mind Mastery.  See

July 26, 1999.  The Art of Inner Negotiation with Julian Gresser, JD, author of The Artful Navigator and Piloting Through Chaos.  See

July 23, 1999.  Navigating the Waves of Change with Beverly Potter, PhD, author of The Way of the Ronin and other books.  See

July 20, 1999.  Awakening in Time with Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain, The White Hole in Time, Global Brain Awakens and Awakening in Time.  See

June 25, 1999.  Strategies for Staying Awake with Sally J. Walton, MA, author of I Almost Slept Through My Dream Come True.  See

June 22, 1999.  New Rules for The New Economy with Kevin Kelly, executive editor of Wired Magazine, author of Out of Control and New Rules for the New Economy.  See

June 1, 1999.  Creativity in Business with William C. Miller, author of A Flash of Brilliance: Inspiring Creativity Where You Work, Quantum Quality and The Creative Edge.  See

May 24, 1999.  Practical Applications of Parapsychololgy with Stephan A. Schwartz, author of The Secret Vaults of Time and The Alexandria Project.

April 19, 1999.  Wisdom at Play with Matt Weinstein, "Emperor" of Playfair, Matt is author of the new book, Work Like Your Dog: Fifty Ways to Work Less, Play More, and Earn More.  See

March 30, 1999.  Consciousness and the New Media with Lynn Hershman, Professor of Electronic Arts, University of California,  Davis. Lynn is a visionary artists and filmmaker extraordinaire!  Her newest film, Conceiving Ada, has received many awards and honors, including an award for the best achievement in technology at the Sundance Film Festival.  She is editor of Clicking In: Hot Links to a Digital Culture. See her website

March 19, 1999.  Market Wisdom: The Metaphysics of Consumerism with Jeremy Dorosin, author of Balance at Middlefork, known for his defense of gay rights and his national efforts to address a consumer issue with Starbucks Coffee.  See

March 16, 1999.  Cultivating Intuition with Suzie Daggett, intuition coach and developer of "Pearls," an intuition tool.  See

March 12, 1999.  Market Wisdom with Carl Cook, President of BioComp Systems, Inc., of Redmond, Washington.  See  We explore the use of artificial neural networks in the field of business and financial forecasting.

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