Sacred Sites Mystery School, Autumn Equinox 2000 Journey to Machu Picchu, Peru

July 13, 1999.   Interspecies Communication with Miranda AlcottContact P. O. Box 2660, Corrales, New Mexico 87048.  Phone 877-787-1817.  Fax 505-890-8008.  Click here to reach a transcript of this interview.

August 2, 1999.  Spiritual Releasement Therapy with William Baldwin, DDS.  See www.spiritreleasement.orgClick here to read a transcript of this interview.

April 15, 1999.  Contacting Space IntelligencesJeffrey Mishlove discourses about his ten year investigation into the mysterious life of Ted Owens, a man who claimed to be in regular telepathic contact with "space intelligences."   See Click here to read the transcript of this monologue.

April 9, 1999.  As Above, So Below.  Jeffrey Mishlove discourses on the ancient, mythic "Emerald Tablet" -- the fountain of all esoteric wisdom -- and its relationship to contemporary issues.  Click here to read a transcript of this monologue.  In this talk, Jeffrey refers to Dr. Katherine O'Connell.  Her website can be reached by clicking here.

April 6, 1999.  A Call for Connection with Gail Bernice Holland. Gail Holland is editor of Connections, the magazine of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  She is also author of A Call for Connection: Solutions for Creating a Whole New Culture.  See or contact Gail by sending e-mail to   Click here to read a transcript of this interview.

March 31, 1999.  The Unfolding Self with Ralph Metzner.  Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. has been exploring states of consciousness and transformational practices for over thirty years. He is the author of several books, including The Psychedelic Experience (with Leary and Alpert), Maps of Consciousness, Know Your Type, Opening to Inner Light and The Well of Remembrance - Rediscovering the Earth Wisdom Mythology of Northern Europe. He is co-founder and president of the Green Earth Foundation, an educational organization devoted to the healing and harmonizing of the relations between humanity and the Earth. His most recently published work is The Unfolding Self.  See Click here to read a transcript of this interview.

March 29, 1999.  Consciousness and Hyperspace with Saul-Paul Sirag.  Saul-Paul Sirag is author of the section on hyperspace and consciousness in Jefrey Mishlove's classic book, The Roots of Consciousness. He is a moderator of the Quantum-Mind discussion list co-sponsored by the Intuition Network and the Consciousness Studies program at the University of Arizona.  See Click here to read a transcript of this interview.

March 25, 1999.  A Sense of Delight with Nance Cheifetz. Living life in an extraordinary way with the author of A Sense of Delight.  See Click here to read transcript of the interview.

March 23, 1999.  Humor, Hope and Healing in the Face of Death and Dying with Allen Klein, author of The Courage to Laugh, The Healing Power of Humor, Quotations to Cheer You Up, Up Words for Down Days and Wingtips. See Click here to read a transcript of this interview.

March 22, 1999.  Accelerated Thought and "Project Mind"  with David Devor.  Project Mind, rooted in Lurianic/Ashlagian Kabbalah, plans to use the world's first "mind tank" in an empirical experiment to reveal higher creativity, reconcile science and spirituality, break the cosmic bank and eliminate death and taxes. A telephone interview with David S. Devor, head of the Project Mind Foundation headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel and author of Project Mind  - The Conscious Conquest of Man and Matter Through Accelerated Thought.  See Click here to read a transcript of this interview.  E-mail:

March 18, 1999.  The Unity of Wisdom and Knowledge II with Dean Brown, PhD, physicist, cosmologist, philosopher and Sanskrit scholar, whose translation of the Upanishads was published by the Philosophical Research Society.  He is a founder of Zylog corporation, and has been a pioneer in the field of computing applications in education.  Click here to read a transcript of this interview.

March 15, 1999.  Self-Reference and the Origin of Language with Stan Tenen, founder of the MERU Foundation, kabbalistic scholar integrating the origins of sacred language with fundamental principles of self-reference in cosmology, science and philosophy.  See Click here to read transcript of this interview.

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