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    Sacred Sites Mystery School, Autumn Equinox 2000 Journey to Machu Picchu, Peru 
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Jeffrey Mishlove's Wisdom Radio program is broadcast and webcast live, every weekday from 8:06 until 10:00 p.m., Pacific Time.  (Then the program is rebroadcast and rewebcast from 10:06 pm until 12:00 midnight, Pacific Time.)  A special program is also rebroadcast each Saturday at 8:06 p.m.  You can hear it on the web at and also on the C-Band satellite system.

Call-ins are invited.  Phone Wisdom Radio at 1-800-655-2112 to speak live with Jeffrey and his guests.  We are also now equipped to take your e-mail questions on the air.  E-mail us at

We also have an e-mail discussion group,, for listeners of the program to communicate with each other.  A  second e-mail discussion list,, has been set up if you just wish to receive announcements about upcoming guests.  You can join these lists by logging on to or contact us directly by sending e-mail to

Volunteers Needed:  We are looking for volunteers who willing to transcribe radio interviews and monologs so that the transcripts can be posted on this website.  Good typing and word-processing skills are required.  If you would like to assist with this task, please e-mail

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