Eight Intuitive Principles

Inner Essence. The source of being within each of us and within the universe itself is also the origin of intuitive guidance and of self-esteem.

Complex Wholeness. As we accept the fullness of our being, we achieve higher levels of inner refinement and integration.

Unique Integrity. While all beings are one at the level of essence and wholeness, each person represents a unique integration of human possibilities.

Autonomous Purpose. We are grateful for the autonomy to discover and be guided by our own intuitive sense of purpose. We support others exercising this right.

Paradoxical Authenticity. While we seek inner peace and serenity, we also seek to dissolve the walls of numbness that separate us from the pain of others.

Conscious Evolution. By consciously refining and healing our inner being, we are refining and healing the world.

Living Community. We support and nurture intuitive communion with all beings.

Conscious Value. That which enhances and refines consciousness is intrinsically of greater value.

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