Rainbow YinYang Artwork of  Jeffrey Mishlove

Prices (Oct 2003)
Computer generated, fine art giclee prints on canvas with gallery-style wrap mount over wood frame.
For orders of three or more pieces, deduct 15%.
For orders of two pieces, deduct 10%.
Neither shipping and handling nor sales tax (for Nevada residents) are included in price quotes.

Please note that the website images are .jpg graphics that are easy to load and view online.  However, the actual giclee prints are made from uncompressed .tif files, with extraordinary clarity of detail and smoothness of color gradiation.  A single image file is large enough to fill an entire CD.

To order, send e-mail to:  gallery@mishlove.com
Or phone Jenny at 702-939-1800
48" x 48"


42" x 42"


36" x 36"


30" x 30"


24" x 24"


18" x 18"


12" x 12"


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